Gledopto Pro Series

Gledopto has stood out in the market with its high quality and affordable lighting products, especially Philips Hue compatible devices are popular in the European market.

The manufacturer has revamped one of its most popular products as the first member of the new Gledopto PRO series: its 12-54 V RGB-CCT controller has been updated, now with Zigbee 3.0 compliance.

The new controller takes advantage of the Zigbee 3.0 mesh network, which is significantly more reliable than the Zigbee ZLL mesh. (A Zigbee 3.0 compatible coordinator (smart home center) is required for this) This way, the device, which now also acts as a repeater, can reliably bridge longer distances.

They have reduced standby power consumption, which consumes less than 0.3W of power now.

Gradients and on and off transitions have become even more precise and accurate.

The reaction time has been significantly improved, which is best felt when several devices are switched on simultaneously.

SiliconLabs ’EFR32 chip replaces the previously used (and still very popular) TI CC2530 Zigbee chip, providing Zigbee 3.0 compliance and greater range.

The new LED controller will be available in December 2020.

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"Why isn't there a remote control for the bedroom lamp switch?" This issue launched me towards the world of smart-homes in 2013 and became determined to make my home even more comfortable, safer, and - last but not least, energy-efficient. I looked for solutions on the market for years. Even after a more thorough search, I was unable to navigate the plethora of options and solutions: There was no ultimate solution in the market or a person who could see through the rapidly changing smart-home market and help me to personalize my home. I spent the last few years exploring and testing opportunities, as well as self-education. I got to know the do-it-yourself solutions, the ready-made tools, and the complete building automation systems. I tried, disassembled to understand how it works, I made all the possible mistakes that can be made in this area. I have always strived to understand and learn about the different solutions comprehensively and endeavor to be able to decide on one or the other solution in the knowledge of their advantages and disadvantages. Over time, I have noticed that others have been in a similar situation to me at the time. They faced with opportunities that overwhelm them and are unable to choose between smart-home solutions. They feel they do not have the right information. I felt my job is helping them, so I founded Smartopert Ltd. and brought the Okosotthon Guru brand to life. As Okosotthon Guru, I help those who want a smart-home to have a "tailor-to-them smart-home", regardless of brand. Installers and electricians also sought out which solution I would recommend to them because they weren't aligned. So Smopet was born, providing professionals with up-to-date knowledge of the solutions on the market to be outstanding in their field and serve their clients' interests.
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