Fibaro… Umm… Yubii Home is here!

Fibaro’s first “Nice ecosystem” home automation center arrived. Welcome, Yubii Home!

Fibaro joined the Nice Group in 2018 (Nice is one of the big players in gate control, home security, blinds automation market). Since then, there has been a growing drive to combine the complete Nice Group portfolio in one automation platform based on Nice offered devices.

Nice is organizing all its own brands – Abode, Elero, HySecurity, Fibaro – under one platform to offer a complete home automation solution. That is Yubii. After the announcement of the Yubii App -the Fibaro Home Center application continues to live on April 20, 2021, with that name with a new look and services integrated into the Nice Group – their new smart home center, developed by Fibaro specifically for the Nice collaboration, will also appear under the Yubii brand. That is Yubii Home.

Yubii Home maybe rings a bell to those familiar with Fibaro’s solutions, as the recently released Fibaro Home Center 3 Lite isn’t just eerily similar to the outside.
Yet, the device knows more than the physical capabilities of Home Center 3 Lite, as this version is also equipped with a 433 MHz control unit capable of handling Nice’s own protocol.

An interesting feature of the protocol used in the Nice gate and shading controls is that it provides feedback on the remote controls (within a maximum of 500 meters of the controlled device) about the status of the controlled device (open, closed, partially open) and whether the command has reached its destination successfully.

The market pricing of the device is not known yet. Still, based on the pricing of Home Center 3 Lite (currently available in retails between 140 and 300 €), it may open a new market for home automation in the field of gate technology and blinds control.

Kövess minket!


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